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Question and Answer 
Q) Should I use lure every time I hunt?  A) Lures help more times than not. Using the proper lure at the right time of the season is important and productive.All deer are very curious animals. Lure can give you a chance you might not have had if the deer didn't smell the lure and get a signal. Percentages show more action using deer lure than not. Much of the action is a lot closer to your set up when using lure. Bow hunters are very in tune with the deer and most swear by lure use. 
Q) What is the best way to disperse the lure?
A) Drag rags or spraying under boots can be one of the best ways to bring a Buck into your shooting lane. Start the drag rag  or spray under boots, away from where you walk in so as not to lead the deer to your truck. Start with a slight zig zag across a trail to grab a deer's attention then walk it to where you want to shoot. Leave the rag on the ground. On at least two sides of your stand hang a saturated scent wick about 5 feet off the ground. Get ready for action! You must always be scent free yourself prior to setting up lure. ALWAYS take your rag and scent wicks with you when done. You don't want the lure smell there while your not or else when you use it the deer will not react as good. 
Q) I use bait can I still use lure?
A)Yes. The bait or food plot is there day and night and the deer know it. They can eat when its dark if they feel pressure. Deer also know when they come upon a corn pile in the middle of the hardwoods that this is suspicious. Lure adds another element of added security that other deer are in the area and will investigate. A great lure to use over a bait pile or around a food plot is one of our curiosity lures. They relax deer and make them feel safe.
Q) Why does yours work better than other brands?
A) Our lure is different than other lures for a few reasons. We are a small batch company so high quality is a priority. If our lure doesn't work we are out of business. We spend more and make less and we work on repeat sales not one time high volume with heavy marketing. Word of mouth is our marketing. Our lures are a custom blended mix of gland tinctures and high quality fresh deer urine, not deer urine alone. Our lures have no preservatives and they are extremely fresh. We sell a small amount in comparison to large companies so quality assurance is possible. The owner mixes every batch by hand. Think about it can the big companies actually have fresh deer urine in every store country wide just prior to hunting season? Can it really be all deer urine? Can it be fresh? Can they collect from that many estrous doe? WE CAN!  WE DO!  OURS IS!
Q) How long does the lure last? 
A) In the field on a scent wick or ground it last for a long time. We suggest using wicks so that you can save the wicks for another hunt in a zip lock or a container. Two ounces of our lure could last an entire season or one day. It depends on how you use it. 
A) Lure in a tightly closed bottle keep out of direct sun will last for at least 1 year. Longer if you refrigerate when not in use.  We DO NOT use preservatives simply because in nature a deer scent doesn't have any preservatives in it so why would we want to add in something the deer might smell as not natural? Good clean lure will never smell like ammonia. 3 year old stuff in Walmart might.
Q) Can lure spook a deer?
A) Yes. At times a high strung or recently spooked deer may react alarmed when they smell a lure. Mature Doe with fawns do not want to be around Bucks.  However most of the time deer will investigate a scent, relax and come into the scent stream. The truth is lure helps much more than it hurts. I never hunt without it. Even if you only spray a little in the trail to stop a Doe or Buck so you can get a shot.
Q) Its confusing as to which lure I should buy.
A) You can email or call and tell us your intentions and what time of year you are going to use it or just read our descriptions and it tells you the basics of each lure. You can't go wrong with the curiosity lures all season long and one or both Rut lures just prior to and during the Rut. All of our lures will get a Buck to pay attention during the rut, our estrus is just the better bet. 
Q) Some of your lures are for a different use but look the same.
A) All of our lures and scrape igniter are completely different blends of urine and gland tincture. Some smell and look similar others don't look or smell the same at all. Some batches are slightly different color as well. Urine is lighter in color but when the tinctures are added the color and scent change. All 5 blends are unique and formulated to give you options.
Q) Why not just use pure urine only?
A) That's simple. Most of what you can buy in stores or on the web are urine only. Is that bad? No, but we wanted something that worked better than what the other guy was using. Our lure sends a very different signal to a Buck or Doe. Urine is important but sex gland odor is the key to bringing in more deer. It excites them and peaks their interest.
We made the better mousetrap.