"BUCK YOU!"  strikes again
​I was hunting near a scrape, I put tramp stamp out on either
side of me 20 yards apart. This Buck came in straight to the Signal 11 Tramp Stamp scent wick to my left, 15 yard shot. 
He ran 60 yards and dropped.
Thanks Steve for talking to me,
what an awesome scent, I am so glad I tried signal 11 lures. I also had success using Brain Fart.

Thanks again.
Mark Kibler, Woolrich, Pennsylvania   (PIC LEFT)

Testimonials & Pictures

Ponzini Buck. 

Mario used our "Buck You!" lure to make this Buck come check out the other Buck he thought he sniffed, Thwack!
(Pic Right)

(Left) 10 Year old Antonio takes his first archery Deer using "BRAIN FART" during an October hunt.

Home of Signal 11 Lures & Lip Glu      Bucks  Bear  Bass

Signal 11 Lures helped take this great Georgia Buck.
Sal Tozzi takes a late season Doe with
"Freezer Filler".

(pics above and below) Gene Hurle, shot this great public land Buck on Oct 28th using "Brain Fart". This Buck came in to check out the scent. Congrats on a great pre rut Buck.  

Right and left Bucks, both taken over "WET SPOT" scrapes

"Freezer Filler" on three scent wicks bought 7 Doe in. They hung around and licked the scent wicks for 10 min then started to walk away. This Buck was just out of my sight and came in as soon as the left. 8 yard arrow!" Steve (left)
Austin bagged this Kentucky Doe using "Freezer Filler" lure
"Yo, stuff works, I had 5 Bucks come in and I shot this one". Eric Bock      (PIC ABOVE)

11 year old, Antonio takes his first Archery Buck as this guy sniffed a "TrampStamp" scent wick.

​(Pic Right)

New Jersey Buck 

Tommy shoots his biggest Buck to date with what else? Signal 11 Lures! Congrats and thanks for the pic.

Kris Helms, Vid Cam Dude for Ted Nugent uses Signal 11 Lures!

Ohio Buck

(​Pic Left)

Georgia Buck. Bill's archery Buck shot over a "Wet Spot" scrape. 
Tommy Bock (11 years old, pic above) first Buck of the 2013 season. In his right hand he holds the bottle of "Brain Fart" he used.
"Received BUCK YOU! lure Monday. Tried it Out this morning and shot this guy 15 min after I put it out! Came right to the scent wick at 10 yards. Great product, thanks a million!"
Ryan Cricks 
 "I used a drag rag as I walked in and hung two scent wicks a few feet off the ground, all soaked in Tramp Stamp. This 140 class walked right in and I took the shot when he stopped at the first wick. Your lure worked perfect!" Kevin Gottheiner (Pic Right)
I used, Buck You! and had several Bucks come in!
 Thanks, Mark Dance Parker City Indiana  (PIC Right)

Gerard, our first Pro Staffer using "Freezer Filler"

to take a Doe. 

Youth hunter Connor and his Minnesota Buck (right)

"Tramp Stamp" Buck​

Gerard can't get enough of our lure! (left)

 "I use Signal 11 Lures because they work, period!"

Dave Bush

"Buck Down. Thanks Steve, your scents worked great !" 
David Bush 2013
(Left ) Sal takes a nice Buck w Tramp Stamp. He sprayed the ground in front of his stand and hung 2 scent wicks. This was the second Buck that came in. Sal's first archery Buck!
"Your lure is absolutely  fantastic! This was the 4th Buck that came into the lure. They all came from downwind. They kept walking in circles then go down wind and come right back. It was cool, they sniffed everything I put it on." 
Gerard Sauchelli      

Great looking Kentucky rack! Customer used "Tramp Stamp"

Kim shoots her archery Buck while using "Brain Fart". (left)
Youth hunter Tommy, took this Buck using a drag rag with "Tramp Stamp".

(Below) Youth hunter Lexi, put out

"Tramp Stamp" estrus and in less then an hour, this Buck came in to check the scent and she took a 35 yard muzzleloader shot on youth day.

Ohio Buck
 (Right) Mark arrows a great Buck using "Tramp Stamp". He used a scent wick soaked in "Tramp Stamp" and this Buck came in from down wind.


(Right) Youth Archer.

"your lure really works. If it wasn't for the Tramp Stamp I might not have taken my first Buck. I got this guy to circle in right where I laid down the scent before I got in my stand, then dropped him at 10 yards". Matt 

Customer Dave Bush arrowed this old Buck using our
"Tramp Stamp" lure.

(pics right & left) 

Dan set  up a mock scrape with our "Wet Spot" and arrowed him over the scrape. 



(Left) "at 3 o'clock I went to my stand and put Tramp Stamp on a few scent wicks and also sprayed the ground, 45 min later the Buck came in and at 20 yards I let an arrow loose! Picture is proof that your lures work"  Mountain Mike

(Left) Rich used scent wicks soaked with "Tramp Stamp" to help get this Buck.   

        (Right) "Tramp Stamp worked great, came to 20 yards and I put the smackdown on this 6 point" Jake Cotter

 Dave Bush 2014 Buck
Vic, uses our lure and wears hislucky hat!
Kentucky Buck
(Right) Annie used "Wet Spot" to build a mock scrape and harvested this Buck over that scrape.
Early season Buck taken with "Freezer Filler" on drag rag.
Taylor with her great archery Buck.

​She used Freezer Filler.