Ted used my BRAIN FART Buck Lure to bring this Buck into his shooting lane!

Ed Ponzini shot this nice Buck over a "Wet Spot" scrape


TRAMP STAMP   Premium Estrus Lure $11.00 Free Shipping

"Tramp Stamp" Brings in BUCKS! "TRAMP STAMP" is a FRESH Premium Estrus Doe in Heat Lure. It has outperformed every mass produced big and small name lure on the market! It is considered by many to be the Hottest Estrus Doe in Heat Lure you can use! 
We use FRESH high quality Doe in Peak Heat deer urine collected ONLY during the peak of the estrus cycle. This product also contains vaginal scent and sex gland tinctures, PLUS secret signaling agents which drive Bucks cRaZy throughout the entire mating season!   Lay a "Tramp Stamp" scent trail to your stand with a drag rag, spray under your boots, hang a few scent wicks and get ready!  Our customers that have hunted with "Tramp Stamp" say it’s not worth hunting without this lure! Can be used in scrapes. You are getting what you pay for, High quality fresh lure that attracts BUCKS! END OF STORY ! Use Pre Rut and Peak Rut!

Handmade Premium Lures

The following lures have had extensive field testing and are currently being used in every state by satisfied hunters. Our blends are like nothing else on the market, THEY WORK!  

The 5 Glandular / Urine base Deer lures below are 5 products that are legendary and used by an incredible amount of successful hunters all over the USA! We have been making these for many years. 
Don't be fooled by Johhny come lately and his cousins, that new company, trying to jump on what they think is an easy way to cash in. They lack true lure making experience and want to take your money while selling you an lesser quality product. You work hard, and hunt hard.

Use a lure with many years of proven results. Signal 11 Lures! 

​​Our lures are NEVER frozen!     Freezing breaks scent molecule.


If you want frozen products Getter them somewhere else. 

WET SPOT   Scrape Igniter $11.00 Free Shipping

"WET SPOT"  Scrape igniter is HOT stuff ! Scrape hunting is one of the most exciting ways to try and get an edge on a Whitetail Buck! Scouting, planning, shooting lanes, licking branches, scent control, terrain and travel corridors all come into play. Building a mock scrape or using a natural scrape require careful scent control and precision set up. Use a dripper or spray "WET SPOT" directly on the ground, and add a blast of spray to the licking branch. Our scrape blend blows the rest away!  Years of mixing signaling agents, Doe estrous and Buck rut urine, Preorbital, interdigital & sex organ gland tinctures PLUS a TON of field testing has worked. 
We are selling you the very best scrape igniter you can buy. This stuff will IGNITE a MOCK or REAL scrape beyond anything you have ever used! Bucks will check it during daylight hours. This Lure can be sprayed into scrape or used in a dripper. Make sure you spay some on the licking branch! Its Fresh and It Works ! This year you will have the edge! 

Plain fresh Deer urine will vary in color but generally will not be dark.

We DO NOT sell plain urine.

Our blended signaling lure starts out with a plain, light color fresh deer urine, but when we add in DARK aged Tarsal, Interdigital or preorbital tincture the lure darkens. We also add in specific attractants that darken it a bit more. We ask you does color matter?  I've never met a deer that loved a scent but thought it was to dark to check out.

BRAIN FART Buck Lure for all season & Rut $11.00 Free Shipping

"Brain Fart" is our all season Buck lure. It works from early bachelor groups, Pre Rut, and is outstanding when used peak RUT!  This is a fresh Buck urine based formula with signaling agents, tarsal tincture and interdigital gland tincure. This blend stimulates Bucks. It simply works and that’s why we call it "BRAIN FART"! This blended lure causes Bucks to have a BRAIN FART and just follow their sub conscience into your shooting lane! Many customers use this lure the entire season. Great when used on scent wicks, drag rags, spray on ground, under boots. STUPID NAME, GREAT RESULTS!

 We do not use preservatives in our lures. Keep cool or refrigerate when not in use.
All bottles are 2 ounce spray mist unless otherwise noted.


BUCK YOU! BIG Rutting Buck Lure $11.00 Free Shipping

"BUCK YOU!"  Well the name says it all! This is a Dominant BUCK lure. This blend is a musky scented lure with potent tarsal gland tincture, interdigital, blended into dominant rutting buck urine.  It makes the BIG Bucks get aggressive and come out investigate the scent of an intruding Buck on his turf. 
If your big HIT LIST Buck gets a whiff he will have to respond to the challange of another mature Buck. Used with a grunt call, rattling or a buck decoy this lure adds the realistic scent that will signal a big boy out during daylight and focus him on the threat! Drag rags, under boots, scent wicks, in scrapes! Use Pre Rut and Peak Rut!


Home of Signal 11 Lures & Lip Glu      Bucks  Bear  Bass

Gerard knows what to use when its time to bring 'em in!


Scrape Nuggets Polymer infused Nuggets

These polymer nuggets allow you to build a mock scrape or use in natural scrapes. No dripper needed.

The polymer nuggets are full or our Wet Spot scrape igniter. They slow release scent for up to two weeks. As deer come check the scrape and unrinate in the scrape, the nuggets are recharged and again give off a slow release of scent for two weeks. These nuggets allow you to have a HOT scrape without needing to visit it.

The nugget shape polymers are important, they stay in the scrape due to the multi flat sides. Great product! Use Pre Rut and Peak Rut.  


#1 all season Deer lure on the market! $11.00 Free Shipping 

This is the NUMBER ONE selling all season deer lure! "Freezer Filler" is a great all season curiosity lure / cover scent. This lure will bring deer in and keep them relaxed.  FREEZER FILLER is a fresh, non estrus Doe only urine base blended with homemade gland tincture and secret signaling agents. 
This lure is designed to attract and RELAX deer everyday of the season from early to late season.
Doe's and Bucks, old and young are drawn into range by this lure as it has a calming effect as well as a curiosity draw. They will sniff it and lick it & hang around! Soak a few scent wicks and hanging them around your set up, mist the air from stand or spray low vegetation, spray under boots prior to walking in.
This scent got its name because many of my customers use this lure all season long to bring 'em in close and fill the freezer. CAUTION; ​You may need a bigger freezer!