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Phone,  973-670-0820

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Email a picture of your Deer, Bear or Bass holding the bottle of our lure or scent that you used. We may post it on our web site, facebook or Instagram. 

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Stocking Retail Stores 

We stock many more stores in multiple States, but I had to stop listing them because Gerard AKA "Little Snake" continues to ride Signal 11's coattails and is annoying store owners by having his minions call the stores and waste their time.  

Call me and I will be happy to tell you which stores in your area stock Signal 11 Lures.

Here are a few of our stocking stores.

Heritage Guild Branchburg NJ

Heritage Guild Easton PA

Stokes Sports Shop Sandyston NJ

Simon Peter Sports Shop Newton NJ 

Garden State Bow and Reel Stockholm NJ 

Skylands Sports Shop Augusta NJ 



Purchase lures from this web site by clicking the SHOP NOW tab at top of page or visit a stocking retail store.

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