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  BIG BUCKS !!! We all work very hard to get an edge on these amazing game animals. We sell two RUT specific Buck lures. "TRAMP STAMP" is a HIGH end Estrous lure. NOT just urine, blended lure. It has a reputation that is sweeping the USA !!!

Then there is "BUCK YOU!" the name says it all. This may scare the S**T out of a young spike but BIG MAN will catch a whiff and come out to reclaim his territory! It is a dominant buck infringement scent. 

We sell two early season blended lures that work ALL season long. Our goal is to attract deer, especially BUCKS! "BRAIN FART" & "FREEZER FILLER"

do the job from September bachelor groups thru the RUT and till the end of the winter. We also sell an outstanding scrape igniter called "WET SPOT".

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Randi Rowlett of "Bucket List Outdoors" Pursuit Channel (left)

(Below) Papa Kibler's PA Buck.