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Fast Eddie Ponzini of Wayne NJ, gives us the thumbs up as he waits for a BIG Buck with his lucky Signal 11 hat on! 


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Randi Rowlett of "Bucket List Outdoors" Pursuit Channel (left)

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Big Buck and all season lures

Liquid Fish Attractants

Big Bucks respond to our lure because they are a unique blend of fresh urine and attractants that spike the interest of Bucks !

Our Premium Estrus based TRAMP STAMP is the hottest Rut lure on the market!

BUCK YOU!, Freezer Filler, Brain Fart and Wet Spot have taken the hunting world by storm over the last few years.

Click on the lures page to read a full description on each of our hand made Buck lures. Our lure will help you bring home the Racks! ​


  Signal 11's Liquid Fish Attractants will give you that fisherman's Edge! Drip on, marinate or inject your lures or bait with our liquid fish attractant and fish will bite and hang on! Use in Fresh or Salt water, soft or hard lures, Natural or artificial. Go  to SHOP NOW tab at top of page to purchase.